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How to Give an Exceptional Car Wash with the Least Amount of Effort

Use the Newest Microfiber!
*Microfiber combines polyester & polyamide. Polyester gives the material strength & durability. Polyamide allows the fabric to be tremendously absorbent & quick drying.
*Microfiber is smaller than hair, so there are many more strands at work cleaning per square inch than a cotton cloth.
*Microfiber attracts even the smallest dirt particles, ones that cotton cloths would typically brush past.

Why This Cleaning Set Is Better
*Use the dry microfiber fingers as a duster for your car or furniture. They get hard-to-reach areas such as grills & vents.
*Use the wet microfiber fingers to wash surfaces large & small.
*Use the sponge scrubber to remove unwanted bugs & bird droppings.
*A complaint with other microfiber mitts is that they hold too much water & get too heavy. Because this mitt is 2-in-1, that does not happen.
*Use the towel mitt for polishing, buffing, & drying your car or stainless steel appliances.
*These mitts have a non-slip elastic cuff & comfortable inner lining.
*In the home, your mitts can be used to Dust Furniture, Wash Windows, or Clean Stainless Steel.

About Us

We are in constant search of Exceptional car care and house cleaning products. Our research includes testing samples of different sizes materials from around the world. We then take our finds to the car detailing industry to see if the items are worthy of being in your car wash kit. We offer a 100% money back guarantee or a replacement free of charge.

Two Mitts Included For Either Your House Cleaning or Car Detailing Kit

Don't miss out on this Exceptional Car Wash Kit - Click on "Add to Cart" and "Place Your Order" to experience the difference!


  • GREAT GIFT - 2 multi-use dual-sided mitts sale. Wash, scrub, dust, polish, buff, & dry
  • EXCEPTIONAL DETAILING for your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, & Boat Lover. Doctor Who Tardis Blue
  • EASILY REMOVES unwanted bugs & bird droppings off your vehicles with the large sponge scrubber.
  • EASY TO STORE in your vehicle for Scratch-free, Streak-free, Lint-free Car Duster. Warehouse deals.
  • SOFT & PLUSH - the latest top-of-the-line microfiber, so it doesn't catch on your skin.


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