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SUPERIOR QUALITY & ONLY BAG of 100 plus 50 FREE Pokemon Go & Vinyl Graffiti Decal Logo Stickers for laptops, Skateboard, Snowboa


  • EXCITING STUFF: From the Makers of Pool Party Magic Balloons NOW Introducing your one and only bag of 150 Cool Custom Stickers including Logo Stickers for your BOMBING FUN!!
  • OUTSTANDING QUALITY: Superb Adhesive: stick it and peel it a squillion times. Sun-proof, Waterproof, Rainproof, Pee-proof so that you a worry proof roof.
  • CRAZY DEAL: Ok, so now the WILD thing is that we are giving away 50 FREE STICKERS and an eBook with EVERY PACK. (until stocks last)
  • LOADS OF VARIETY: They are made of PVC and range from 5-15 cm in size with 100 plus 12 FREE varied designs (as in the main image). Our stickers INCLUDE: Batman, Spiderman, Avengers, Pepsi, Vintage, Converse, Adidas, Iron Man, Chicago Bulls just to name a few. Use the Stickers for your Laptop, Graffiti, Vinyl, Vintage, Decal, Skateboard, Car, Bumper, Hoover Board, Snowboard, Helmet, Luggage and much more.
  • O.K NOW LISTEN UP: Right under In Stock, look for Sold by "Pool Party" if any other name appears it is probably a Infringing Nincompoop trying to sell their cheap , second-rate Stickers on the "Pool Party" listing. So be AWARE!! Buy Only "Pool Party" Genuine Stickers.

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