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The magnet is done in Big Bold Block letter that will remind other drivers to be Cautious on the road. As a result people will be more tolerant to you and give you the space you need. The sticker hints other motorist to stay away from you, thereby Reducing tailgating and bothersome honking. With this 3-Set package, you can put the magnet one for each side and the rear. when another cars headlights shine on it, the magnet will reflect back so Bright that it is also perfect for night driving.Student driver magnets are removable and reusable,Student driver magnetic signs can easily be switched from vehicle to vehicle. These magnets will make your teen feel more at ease while driving and will reduce your level of nervousness while your teen is gaining experience. Most people will show you more respect if you make a mistake and they know you are a beginner driver than if they don't. Clean the back of magnet and the vehicle with a damp wash cloth. Allow both to dry before replacing the student driver magnets. These magnets are printed right here in the United States and sold by Wall26. Accept nothing less when it comes to your young drivers' safety.


  • The text on the Student Driver magnet sign is easy to read black block lettering in a catchy yellow background.
  • It's a Set of 3 - One for each side & the rear.Size 12 x 3 x 0.1 inches
  • Let other drivers know you are learning to drive with these bright eye catching signs.
  • Reflective for added safety in low light or night time driving conditions.
  • Great safety accessory for a new learning driver.

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